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Clear Power Reports

Our answer to the challenge of valuing embedded derivatives

Our valuation report provides you with everything you need to record your derivatives:

  • Journal entries
  • Debt rollforward
  • Derivative rollforward
  • Changes due to pricing and conversions and new instruments

We provide you with a clear explanation of our methodology and assumptions so that your auditors get a complete set of all reports and documentation.

ASC 815, formerly known as FAS 133, Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities, provides comprehensive guidance on derivative and hedging transactions. It sets forth the definition of a derivative instrument and specifies how to account for such instruments, including derivatives embedded in hybrid instruments. An embedded derivative is a contract that contains implicit or explicit terms that affect some or all of the cash flows or the value of other exchanges required by a contract in a manner similar to a derivative instrument. A derivative instrument often arises from a convertible note payable with a variable conversion price. These instruments are required to be valued at fair market value. Classically, there are two methods in use for valuing a derivative, Black-Scholes-Merton (BSM) and Binomial lattice models.

The valuation process can be complex. Our staff at Mispar Consulting, LLC. has been preparing these valuations and valuing options for combined total of over twenty-five years. We have developed an automated tool that simplifies the valuation process and allows a valuation to be performed timely and accurately and for a flat fee. Our output meets financial statement disclosure requirements and includes all the information that a company needs to properly record derivatives activity and provide substantiation for the company’s auditors. Please see our Terms of Use for more details.

supply information to your
auditors quickly, and easily.

software features

Instrument History

We remember your existing instruments, so you only need to provide new notes and transactions. You don’t even need to delete paid-off notes – enter the transactions that take the principal balance to zero, and the system does the rest.

All Transaction Types

We easily handle options, warrants, and convertible notes. It even handles warrants with variable exercise prices.

Cloud Computing

We store our data in the Cloud, so your data is always available whenever you need it. Backups are automatically created so your data remains safe and secure.

Quarterly Pricing

CPR-Serviced: Send us copies of the documents that gave rise to the deriviative and source documents for any transactions that occurred during the period - such as note agreements, warrants, options, or conversion notices, exercise notices and we send you a complete valuation report for a fixed fee of $3,000*, within 3 business days.

There are no additional costs for volume of transactions. Our app doesn’t care how many there are!

*Our prices are based upon receiving a complete data set from you BEFORE we run the program. If you discover that you did not send us a complete data set and that we must rerun the report, we charge $500 each time an additional run is required.

$ 3000

We Input The Data

  • 4 business day turnaround
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Online Report access
  • Journal entries
  • Roll forward schedules